Most days, South Philadelphia resident Rebecca Kenton looks out the window of her apartment and sees an ordinary, right-angled crack in the street, jutting through the concrete as street cracks are wont to do.

But yesterday afternoon—Valentine’s Day—she saw that her friendly neighborhood infrastructure breach had dressed up for the holiday: Someone had filled it to the brim with rainbow sprinkles. Photos show the eight-foot crack multicolored and resplendent, if a little garish.

When Billy Penn asked the Streets Department about the impromptu maintenance, they refused to be caught up in the spirit. “Appropriate materials are used to do repairs; ice cream toppings are not one of them,” they replied.

The outlet also tracked down the sprinkler, a restaurant worker named Dave S. Pettengill who moonlights as a public artist. Pettengill “has produced multiple pieces based on street flaws,” Billy Penn reports. This one, which he calls “A Valentine to Philly,” took three pounds of sprinkles. Don’t worry Streets Department—he expects it to melt in the rain.

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