If you, like many people, have a fear of the open ocean and the many, many alien creatures it contains, prepare to be validated in the video above, which shows one squid’s attempt to feed before another, angrier squid attacks. 

The video, which was recorded by Australia’s Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), shows a long pole or line that can be seen dangling food in front of the camera. Then from from one side a small white squid speeds into view to eat it, but no sooner does the first squid wrap its tentacles around the bait, than a bigger squid envelopes the smaller squid out of nowhere, dragging it into the depths to be devoured.

The video, which was posted to CSIRO’s Facebook page Monday, was captured by CSIRO’s deep sea research vessel, Investigator. Various types of squid are known cannibals, but it’s still shocking to see their aggressiveness and speed in the open water.

CSIRO did not immediately identify the variety of squid on display in the video, but it can be assumed that it’s the bloodthirsty kind.