Is it a clue?! (Photo: Timothy Vollmer/CC BY 2.0

In news that might be a plot point from a Da Vinci Code sequel, a Washington, D.C. Joan of Arc’s sword has been stolen. As NBC Washington is reporting, a statue of the famous warrior was robbed of its weapon recently, and this isn’t even the first time it’s happened.

Located in Washington’s Meridian Hill Park, the bronze Joan of Arc statue was installed in 1922, a gift from the French women’s group Le Lyceum Societie des Femmes de France. The statue depicts the historic giant in full armor, riding triumphantly astride a horse, holding her blade to the heavens. Unfortunately, her triumphant pose makes her sword pretty easy to steal.

The first time it was taken was back in 1978, when someone broke off the extended blade. It wasn’t replaced until 2011. Now, just days ago, another thief once again snapped off the statue’s blade.

Park authorities are looking into the theft, though Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton blames the parks service for not realizing that the sword would be an attractive target in the first place, and failing to take steps to prevent its theft. 

A massive conspiracy involving dead presidents, shadowy sects of the Catholic church, and Joan of Arc’s true identity, has assumedly not been ruled out either.