As the sands off the coast of Blakeney Harbour in Norfolk, England continue to shift under the passing tides, a century old shipwreck is slowly being unveiled. According to the Eastern Daily Press, the haunting ghost (more like a zombie) ship is beginning to interfere with shipping traffic in the area.

The 976-ton SS Hjordis wrecked in 1916, while transporting a shipment of coal. The disaster cost the lives of ten crew members, and the ship ran aground near the entrance to Blakeney Harbour, in the same spot it still sits today. The wreck was eventually completely swallowed by the tides and sand, but as the channel entrance to the harbour shifts, it has once again been unearthed.

As seen in some recent drone photography, the creepy wreck now sits smack in the middle of the harbour channel, which has moved over half a mile to the east over the past year, as the sandy seabed repositioned itself. Locals have taken to posting buoys around the wreckage so that incoming ships can steer clear of the wreck, but given how quickly the tides are shifting the channel, it is somewhat tough to keep up with. However, this also means that the wreck of the Hjordis will not lay in the entrance of the bay forever. Eventually, it will get swallowed up by the sands once again.