Where did you have your first kiss with the one you love?
Where did you have your first kiss with the one you love? Paul Sableman/CC BY 2.0

To my mind, one of the most charming places in the Atlas Obscura database is the monument to the spot in Chicago where Michelle and Barack Obama shared their first kiss. The commemorative plaque honors the beloved couple’s love, but also the way that love, in general, can transform a mundane place like a public sidewalk into a permanently special location.

Maybe your first kiss with a person you truly love happened just like in the movies, say at a school dance, or outside an elegant restaurant after a near-perfect first date. But I suspect that for most of us, the locations of our most meaningful first kisses were probably far less picturesque—one Atlas Obscura staffer’s first kiss with her partner, for example, occurred quite close to a smelly Dumpster. Wherever you experienced that moment of unforgettable romance, we’d like to hear about it.

Fill out the form below to tell us about the location where you first kissed the person you love, and we’ll gather some of our favorite submissions into a collection in the new year. The world can seem pretty grim some days, but it’s comforting to think that you’re never far from a spot where love once came to life.