Hello, Baphomet. (Photo: Blackline/Public Domain)

Satan has come to Salem! In a match seemingly made in Hell, the Satanic Temple is opening its new headquarters in Salem, Massachusetts, according to Reuters.

In a move that has some locals wringing their hands, the cultural and political organization known as the Satanic Temple, has set up shop in an old Victorian mansion in the city. The old house seems like the perfect space for the organization to base their international headquarters, as it used to be a funeral home. However, most recently, prior to the Satanists moving in, the space operated as an art gallery, a trend the Temple intends to maintain, although with a more devilish bent.

The new HQ opened its doors to the public this week, to show people in the community what they had to offer. A number of Satanic artworks were on on display, including a 7-foot tall bronze statue of the goat-headed demon, Baphomet.

While some in the local community seem worried about the Temple’s Satanic imagery, Salem City Council President Josh Turiel, doesn’t see what the fuss is about, telling Reuters, “We’ve had weirder things pretty much on every other street corner.”

Despite the devil imagery, the Satanic Temple is mostly devoted to civic causes relating to the separation of church and state, and they hope to become a valued member of the Salem community. To that we say, Hail Satan!