Sometimes, the pink and red and hearts and chocolate and flowers can feel a bit cloying. For a breath of obscuraphile-twinged fresh air, I present a list of other holidays that also take place today

Ferris Wheel Day - International/Austria

Ferrish Wheel at Chernobyl - Ferris Wheel Day February 14th - Atlas ObscuraAbandoned ferris wheel at Chernobyl. (source

The first Ferris wheel appeared at the World’s Colombian Exhibition in Chicago in 1893, built by one George Washington Gale Ferris Jr. Today commemorates his birthday. According to this site, the Austrians apparently have an inordinate affection for ferris wheels, and February 14th was chosen as a day of celebration due to being one of the fairest days in the year. (I, personally, find this hard to believe, though I’ve never been to Austria in February.)


Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Day - International

Healing Heart - Art by Shirae on Etsy - Atlas Obscura Valentines BlogVigilance is key. (source)

Not that congenital heart defects are funny, but someone at the Congenital Heart Information Network must have a sense of humor to schedule their annual awareness day for the very same date as the most “loving” day of the year. It’s endless fodder for remarks about exes who were incapable of love due to their defective hearts… You can fill in your own slightly gauche joke here. 


Bulgarian Wine Day - Bulgaria

Bulgarian Wine Day - February 14th - Atlas Obscura BlogAn array of Bulgarian wines available for your selection. (source)

 Way back when I was just a young, wide-eyed Undergrad attending an intstitution that prides itself on its multiculturalism (or “multiculti” as we came to know it), I thought my clan of Bulgarian friends were pulling our leg when they convinced us to celebrate their country’s wine rather than love and romance. They had no reason to lie, and word of the celebration would count as coming straight from the horse’s mouth… though they were a merry bunch of pranksters… I guess I’m still not sure how much of it was a farce, but I remain happy to play along. Happy Bulgarian Wine Day!

Filed under the “Self Explanatory” category are:

  • Library Lovers Day - Australia 
  • National Condom Day - United States

If none of these prove enough of a distraction, there’s awalys “This Day in History,” featuring:

  • Al Capone’s infamous 1929 Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre. Gotta love the Prohibition era!
  • James Cook’s attempt to discover the Northwest Passage comes to an end as he perishes at the hands of natives in 1779 after attempting to take hostage the King of Hawaii.
  • James K. Polk becomes the first United States President to have his photograph taken in 1849!