The Department of Public Utilities for the city of Richmond, Virginia, has—like many of its municipal counterparts these days—a Twitter account. Its handle is @UtilityBuddy. On May 9, @UtilityBuddy had some bad news.

For a while, that’s all the information the public had to go on. WRIC reported early Tuesday that, “It is still unclear what caused the accident.” But a couple hours later, NBC 12 got some more concrete information (no thanks to @UtilityBuddy), citing the fire department to say that the cream was spilled after an “equipment mishap” at a local dairy.

It should be said that 200 gallons of cream in one place, sitting in the sun, is disgusting. But this was apparently just another day at the tweet office for @UtilityBuddy. Just six minutes after posting the cream spill tweet, @UtilityBuddy was back to more important issues.

“We’re giving away free water pouches at Belmont and Cary today from 10a-2p for Drinking Water Week,” they wrote. “Skip the coffee and soda. Drink water!” Well, that is actually a pretty important lesson. If you spill a massive amount of cream be sure to stay hydrated.