Pedals, the bipedal black bear who has walked on two legs through countless New Jersey backyards, is back. There is video:

And even more here.

Pedals was first spotted in 2014. His front paws are injured: as reports, “he’s missing part of his front, right leg and has an injured left front paw.” He compensates by walking only on his hind legs.

If you are thinking “How could this be real?” that is a very reasonable thought. I have thought that same thought. All I can tell you is that experts with more experience than I do seem to think this bear is a real bear. Also, if you get a good look at his tongue, which is possible in some of the videos, you will be much less sure that this is just a human in a bear costume. 

At this point, residents of Pedals’ neighborhood are used to seeing him, and were worried about his prospects for surviving the winter. But here he is! Wildlife officials have said that as long as he seems to be doing well in his current habitat, they won’t move him or give him separate treatment. He’s already getting more positive attention than bears usually do, and as long as he keeps rambling around, they’ll let him do his thing.

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