A Vancouver Island beach (Photo: Adam Jones, Ph.D./Wikimedia)

On a weekend walk, one hiker on Canada’s Vancouver Island made a grim find on the beach—a human foot, still in its black sock and shoe, with no body attached.

As Atlas Obscura has written, feet show up on beaches in this part of the world all of the time. When bodies end up in the water, the relatively weak ankle joints can separate from the rest of the body. Since the now-free feet are in buoyant sneakers, they float to the surface.

The British Colombia Coroners Service has had a lot of success identifying the owners of these feet. Of the 10 that washed up before this one, only two, belonging to the same person, had yet to be identified, as of September 2015. Now the coroners service has one more case to work on.

CNN reports that the shoe was manufactured sometime after March 2013. 

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