Sword tip. (Photo: Texas General Land Office)

Archaeologists studying the Alamo, the famous mission that featured in the Texas Revolution, discovered the tip of a Mexican sword near what they believe is the mission’s south wall and gate, the Star-Telegram reports.

The sword tip is six inches long and much corroded.

It belongs to a Briquette, a type of sword manufactured in France and used by the Mexican army in the 19th century. The sword would have belonged to a non-commissioned officer.

A similar sword tip was found a decade ago at place where Mexican troops gathered in December 1835, after they lost control of the Alamo. The military artifacts expert who identified this newly found sword tip thinks it’s most likely that it broke off earlier in 1835, when the Mexican army was fortifying the southern side of the Alamo. But it also could have broken during the famous siege of 1836.

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