In March, when Loncopué farmer Edgardo found a condor with an injured leg alone in his yard, he decided to take care of it. According to the Argentinian publication LMNeuquén, he contacted specialists to ensure the bird’s well-being—his desire is for the bird to live on its own rather than be tamed.

It is not known how the condor, which is believed to have been born in October, separated from its family, but Edgardo hopes it will return to them soon. The bird recently learned to fly (though it still could not at the time this video was filmed).

In this video, a possible sequel to the epic, 25-year friendship between a Japanese diver and a local fish, Edgardo and the condor—who he named Condorito—have become quite close. According to 9News, Condorito comes when Edgardo calls.

In the video, Edgardo can be heard remarking (in Spanish) that it has been a while—before he and his friend embrace.

Vermont Institute of Nature Science educator Anna Autilio told NPR that imprinting may explain Condorito’s unique relationship with Edgardo. She added: “Gratitude is not a word I would use — it implies the condor knows Edgardo was responsible for its healing. But does the condor feel extreme affection for Edgardo? Yes!”

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