You know the international sign for “honk your horn:” a closed fist pumped vigorously up and down, usually aimed at a truck?

According to a recently uploaded Youtube video, this gesture is transportation-inclusive. It works on bicycles, cars, buses, trains, hot air balloons, and blimps.

The video above, called “Blimping,” was made by Joshua De Laurentiis, a musician from Melbourne. “I’ve been making that signal to heaps of different things since I was a little kid,” he says.

He says the compilation took almost a year to complete: “Most of them I did on a couple of different days, but the blimp and the hot air balloon [were] pretty much just patience and a bit of luck!”

The video has caused a certain amount of controversy on Reddit, where some viewers have accused blimps and hot air balloons of not having horns, and De Laurentiis (or someone) of having uploaded the last part of the video as long ago as last October.

That would make this video a shameless, audio-shopped bid at virality, and one that seems to be succeeding: the video is currently #13 on Youtube’s “Trending” list. (We have followed up with De Laurentiis about these matters.)

Regardless, it’s hard to argue with the video’s joy, or with De Laurentiis’s rationale: “It’s just a fun, harmless thing to do,” he says. “It’s always great getting a response from anyone.”