Earlier this month, the COSCO Development became the biggest ship ever to traverse the recently enlarged Panama Canal. Here’s a video of it passing between oceans:

How big is it? Around 1,200 feet long, big enough to hold 13,000 20-foot cargo containers (that’s about four million flat-screen TVs). And while that’s big, it doesn’t even crack the top 50 largest container ships in the world, headlined by the recently completed Madrid Maersk.

On May 8, the Development, which set out from Hong Kong weeks ago, arrived and broke the record for the largest ship to arrive on the East Coast, set just last summer by a comparatively tiny ship with 20 percent less capacity. It has since made stops in Savannah and Charleston, after which it will set off for Asia, on a course that takes it around South Africa’s Cape of Good Hope.

The ship has brought excitement everywhere it has called. Georgia Governor Nathan Deal was on hand when it docked in Savannah.

(If you like the picture above, the Georgia Ports Twitter account is currently a stream of COSCO Development porn.)