It’s winter, and the highways are icy. What do you do? You can cover them with salt. You can spray them down with de-icer. Or you can do like they just did in Dodge County, Wisconsin and let someone accidentally spill hundreds of thousands of sticky Skittles all over the road.

According to the Dodge County Sheriff’s Office, the Skittles—all red ones—were found on Tuesday night, around 9 p.m., after falling off a flatbed pickup truck. When the Highway Department arrived to clean them up, they were treated to “a distinct Skittles smell,” Sheriff Dale Schmidt told WISN. Photos show the tiny lentils, denuded of most of their color, strewn across both lanes.

Schmidt later learned that they were a reject batch, and were traveling to a nearby ranch to become supplementary cattle feed. (When the price of corn is high, farmers give their cows leftover candy, which is a cheap source of carbs.)

Instead, no one will eat them. As Schmidt pointed out to WBAY, “They’re past the 5- or 10-second rule.”

(For more sundries accidentally discarded at high speeds, check out our 2016 truck spill map.)

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