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Basilica San Nicola
Bari, Italy

Manna of St. Nicholas of Bari

A dead saint, a deadly poison, and a mysterious holy ooze
41.1171, 16.8719
Risiera di San Sabba
Trieste, Italy

Risiera di San Sabba

During World War II, this rice mill became a Nazi concentration camp.
45.6209, 13.7892
Hiking reveals unknown treasures
Lusiana, Italy

Sojo Art and Nature Park

Artist Diego Morlin's war between the natural and human worlds is a wanderer's delight
45.7796, 11.5496
Il Porcellino
Florence, Italy

Il Porcellino

This bronze boar's snout has been rubbed to a golden sheen by visitors seeking good fortune
43.7699, 11.2542
St. Francesca Romana
Rome, Italy

Santa Francesca Romana

St. Francesca Romana, patron saint of drivers, resides in the church she founded
41.8913, 12.4886
Waves lap the shore of Capo Testa (Flickr/Frengo2.0)
Capo Testa, Italy

Capo Testa Rock Formations

Windblown rock formations in an ancient Roman quarry
41.2406, 9.1567
La Zisa
Palermo, Italy

La Zisa

This Arabesque Italian castle was built with a primitive, if ingenious, air-conditioning system
38.1169, 13.3411
The Bull of Santa Maria del Fiore
Florence, Italy

The Bull of Santa Maria del Fiore

This strange bovine gargoyle is said to have been put in place as form of passive aggressive revenge
43.7731, 11.2555
Rome, Italy

The Martyr Murals at Santo Stefano Rotondo

Charles Dickens was not a fan of the ghastly wall dressings in this 6th century church.
41.8864, 12.4991
The apse with the Christ Pantocrator.
Palermo, Italy

Cappella Palatina

Every inch of this chapel is covered in craftsmanship from across the world
38.1106, 13.3535
Strombolicchio twilight
Stromboli, Italy

Strombolicchio Lighthouse

A petite white lighthouse perched on the ancient core of Stromboli Volcano
38.8172, 15.2533
Reconstruction of Villa Jovis by C. Weichardt (1900)
Capri, Italy

Villa Jovis

The Emperor Tiberius' palace of debauchery
40.5583, 14.2622
Padua, Italy

Botanical Garden of Padua - Orto botanico di Padova

The oldest botanical garden in the world that technically isn't the oldest
45.4014, 11.8800
Rocca Calascio
Calascio, Italy

Rocca Calascio

What looks like a link in Gondor's early warning system is actually a centuries-old Italian fortress.
42.3295, 13.6888
Set of Martin Scorsese's movie Gangs of New York in Cinecittà Studios
Rome, Italy


The studio built by fascists in the hopes of "reviving the film industry" with the occasional propaganda film opportunity thrown in
41.8500, 12.5667
Corrubbio, Italy

Byblos Art Hotel

Sleep amongst an abundance of art from the modern era
45.4899, 10.8992


The forbidden island of the Tuscan Archipelago may still contain buried treasure
42.3357, 10.3105
Campo de Fiori
Rome, Italy

Campo de Fiori

This ritzy Italian market is built around a statue of an unforgiven heretic who was burned for his belief in an endless universe
41.8956, 12.4722
Abbey of San Galgano
Chiusdino, Italy

Abbey of San Galgano

These gutted monastery ruins still stand proudly in the middle of the Italian countryside
43.1495, 11.1552
Lucca, Italy

The Incorruptible St. Zita

The naturally mummified body of a peasant girl saint
43.8452, 10.5052
Sacra di San Michele
Sant'Ambrogio di Torino, Italy

Sacra di San Michele

The mountaintop inspiration for Umberto Eco's "The Name of the Rose"
45.0978, 7.3622
Earth Pyramids of Platten
Perca, Italy

Earth Pyramids of Platten

These delicate sand pyramids look like naturally occurring gothic spires
46.8049, 12.0190
The jaw and tongue reliquaries
Padua, Italy

St. Anthony's Tongue

The incorrupt tongue of the saint of lost things is venerated in this basilica
45.4015, 11.8807
Castel del Monte
Andria, Italy

Castel del Monte

Geometry and mystery come together in an epic show of octagonal masonry
41.2252, 16.2909