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Nuremberg, Germany


Nestled on the banks of a river in Nuremburg is a small museum that was once home of the city's official executioner
49.4533, 11.0733
Nuremberg, Germany

Nuremberg Castle

A castle from the Holy Roman Empire that hosts traveling youth... in its stables
49.4550, 11.0795
Nuremberg, Germany


This lurid German fountain plots the sad course of marriage from dating to death
49.4506, 11.0710
The Kongresshalle.
Nuremberg, Germany

The Kongresshalle, Nuremberg

This abandoned coliseum was intended to be a grand Nazi rallying ground before it was halted at the end of the war
49.4341, 11.1111
San Fruttuoso, Italy

Christ of the Abyss

A sunken idol welcomes parishioners to Davy Jones' Locker
44.3160, 9.1750
(Cannon Films Archive)
Genoa, Italy

Roman Polanski's Neptune

Massive galleon from a box-office bomb docked in Genoa
44.4102, 8.9273
The Marble Ear of Casa Sola-Busca
Milan, Italy

The Bronze Ear of Casa Sola-Busca

Before there were doorbells this bronze ear was installed for visitors to announce their arrival
45.4697, 9.2019
Section of the tunnels
Milan, Italy

Milan's Hidden Bomb Shelters

Vast network of air raid tunnels beneath Lombardy's capital
45.5153, 9.1927
This obelisk shaped bomb shelter once was inside a factory
Milan, Italy

War obelisk in Milan

Remnants of cone-shaped fascist bomb shelters in Milan
45.5147, 9.2453
Milan, Italy

Fondazione Prada

45.4444, 9.2053
Bosco Verticale
Milan, Italy

Bosco Verticale

Two very green residential towers cleaning the air in one of Europe's most polluted cities
45.4838, 9.1929
the Devil's column
Milan, Italy

The Devil's column

The mark of the Devil's horns on a marble column in Milan
45.4640, 9.1757
Milan, Italy

San Bernardino alle Ossa

An ossuary built in 1210 to collect bones from the Ospedale Maggiore of Milan.
45.4626, 9.1955
The strange creature on the Duomo portal
Milan, Italy

Milan's Duomo "Dinosaur"

Milan's duomo is covered in beautiful carving including a curious "dinosaur-like" beast
45.4637, 9.1917
View from the main axis.
Milan, Italy

Santa Maria presso San Satiro

Small on the outside, big on the inside, this church is an astonishing act of visual deception
45.4626, 9.1880
The statue with Palazzo Mezzanotte on the background
Milan, Italy


This giant middle finger statue sends an unambiguous message to Italy's bankers.
45.4646, 9.1836
One of the letters, signed by Lucrezia Borgia (detail)
Milan, Italy

Lucrezia Borgia’s Love Letters

"The prettiest love letters in the world" ... or so said Lord Byron
45.4636, 9.1860
Giant skeleton sculpture.
Milan, Italy

Calamita Cosmica

Giant skeleton sculpture in Milan's Palazzo Reale
45.4655, 9.1865
Rome, Italy

Sculpture of Giovanni Paolo II

A sculpture serving as an homage to Pope John Paul II
41.9015, 12.5004
Prague, Czechia

Prague Astronomical Clock

Macabre astrological automaton clock dating to the late 1400s
50.0870, 14.4208