Total Eclipse: A Once-in-a-Lifetime Festival of Science, Music, and Celestial Wonder. August 19–21, 2017 in Eastern Oregon.
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Helga's Folly
Kandy, Sri Lanka

Helga's Folly

A Bohemian "anti-hotel" offers off-kilter stays in Sri Lanka
7.2916, 80.6303
Temple of the Tooth
Kandy, Sri Lanka

Temple of the Tooth

This elaborate temple was built around one of the Buddha's teeth
7.2931, 80.6372
Wewurukannala Vihara
Dikwella, Sri Lanka

Wewurukannala Vihara

To gaze upon the visage of Sri Lanka's biggest Buddha, one must first pass through the Tunnel of Hell
5.9768, 80.6991
Sigiriya, Sri Lanka


Ancient stone fortress considered by many to be the eighth wonder of the world
7.9500, 80.7500
Entryway to Sanctuary
Mount Dandenong, Australia

William Ricketts Sanctuary

A collection of outdoor mystical statues paying homage to Aborigines and ecological stewardship.
-37.8334, 145.3555
Williamstown, Australia

Timeball Tower

An obsolete form of timekeeping still marks the hour in this adapted 19th century lighthouse
-37.8669, 144.9127
Surfers Paradise, Australia

Gold Coast Wax Museum and Chamber of Horrors

The largest wax museum in the southern hemisphere features a grizzly chamber of horrors
-27.9982, 153.4269
Elvis Presley Memorial Garden
Parkville, Australia

Elvis Presley Memorial Garden

The King is honored on a continent he never visited by an elaborate grotto
-37.7919, 144.9614
A miniature erotic scene
Paris, France

Museum of Eroticism

Inside a former cabaret, seven floors of erotic art
48.8836, 2.3338
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Bijbels Museum

A collection of biblical memorabilia
52.3680, 4.8864
Giant Gippsland Earthworm
Bass, Australia

Giant Earthworm Museum

"The Wonder From Down Under", a worm shaped museum celebrating the endangered Giant Gippsland earthworm closed due to offences against the Wildlife Act 1975.
-38.4752, 145.4724
Warning signs at the Phillip Island penguin site
Ventnor, Australia

Penguin Parade At Phillip Island

An unphotographable nightly march of tens of thousands of "fairy penguins" from sea to shore
-38.4833, 145.2333
Old Melbourne Gaol
Melbourne, Australia

Old Melbourne Gaol

Once housing children next to hardened criminals this historic jail once displayed Ned Kelly's skull until it was stolen
-37.8075, 144.9650
Big Golden Guitar in Tamworth, Australia.
Hillvue, Australia

Big Golden Guitar

Monument that stands 40 feet and weighs 1,000 pounds
-31.1298, 150.9208
Coop's Shot Tower
Melbourne, Australia

Coop's Shot Tower

This historic Melbourne bullet factory is fully encased in a massive glass and steel cone
-37.8101, 144.9628
Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Stupa of King Ang Duong

Built by King Norodom to honor his late father
11.5588, 104.9174
Prasat Bakong, Cambodia

Dinosaur of Ta Prohm

Hoax, mistake, or evidence of dinosaurs in human times?
13.4412, 103.8578
Cambodian Landmine Museum

Cambodia Landmine Museum

This collection of reclaimed landmines acts as both an exhibition of their deadly history and as a shelter for children affected by them
13.5395, 103.9459
Siem Reap, Cambodia

Ta Prohm

A battle between nature and architecture in the Cambodian jungle.
13.3586, 103.8626
Big Mosquito in Hexham, Australia. (Wikimedia Commons)
Hexham, Australia

Big Mosquito

Modeled after the big, ferocious Hexham Grey mosquito
-32.8333, 151.6899
Parkes, Australia

Parkes Radio Telescope

Giant dish located in a sheep paddock was primary receiver of Apollo 11 TV transmissions
-32.9899, 148.2626
Krong Kaeb, Cambodia


An abandoned Cambodian resort that mirrored the downfall of the country as it was happening
10.5361, 104.3559
Norry étiquette. (R. Seuffert/Atlas Obscura)
Ratanak Mondul, Cambodia

Bamboo Trains

Quick and simple, but in danger of disappearing
12.9018, 102.9419
Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Phnom Penh Memorial Stupa

5,000 skulls in memorial to those killed by the Khmer Rouge
11.4634, 104.8896