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Jul 28


The 100-Inch Hooker Telescope

Join us at the birthplace of modern astronomy as we gaze through the same telescope used by Edwin Hubble to discover that the universe is expanding.
Jul 29

Los Angeles, California

Exploring Evergreen Cemetery

Explore one of L.A.'s oldest and most diverse graveyards, tucked away in Boyle Heights.
Jul 29

Brooklyn, New York

Secret Mausoleum Club: The Second Gathering

The most secret gatherings in New York City have been under lock-and-key for centuries, until now.
Buddha Bar
Jul 29

San Francisco, California

Historic Neon Signs of Chinatown Tour

Discover remnants from San Francisco's golden age of neon.
Freeway Park
Jul 30

Seattle, Washington

Freeway Park Walking Tour

Explore the first park to ever be built over a freeway.
Jul 30

Brooklyn, New York

Concerts in the Catacombs: Reflections of Memento Mori

Join us as we open the Catacombs in Green-Wood Cemetery for an evening of otherworldly orchestration, as performed by the Ladies of the Veil Orchestra and Raya Brass Band. 
Aug 3

Seattle, Washington

A Most Unusual Garden Party Extravaganza

We invite you to a grandiose gala to raise a glass with the wondrously strange Hendrick’s Grand Garnisher!
Mammoth skull donated to the Adventurer's Club in 1925 by club member Joseph Chilberg
Aug 5

Los Angeles, California

Excursion to the Adventurers' Club

Hidden above a drug store on a nondescript corner of Lincoln Heights is a private gentlemen's club for intrepid explorers.
Aug 5

Downey, California

Cradle of the Cosmic Age

Are you ready for some seriously stellar stuff?
Aug 6

Los Angeles, California

Secret Japanese Village

Step inside the private collection of fashion designer Peter Lai.
Aug 6

Washington, D.C., District of Columbia

Misbehavior and Mayhem on Capitol Hill

Join former White House speechwriter Ed Moser for the definitive tour on Congressional chaos.
Aug 6

Culver City, California

The Magic of Stop Motion & Live Action Animation

It's more than playing with dolls.

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